Crude oil trend

By Crude oil trend

Coffeyville crude oil prices

There is no big market maker to manipulate the market: spot crude oil is simpler than stocks, and there is no need to worry about stock selection like stocks. Crude oil trading can only be bought and sold for two-way profit, and no institution has the str

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Crude oil market outlook

Trump has continuously provoked trade conflicts with other countries in the near future, and many countries have also begun to take countermeasures, imposing tariffs on American products, and the market is more concerned about the escalation of trade conf

By Crude oil trend

Crude oil market trading hours

Some analysts said that crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased by nearly 4.8 million barrels, which expanded the decline in WTI futures contract prices to more than 2%, setting a weekly low; gasoline inventories also unexpectedly increased by 750,00

By Crude oil trend

New York Stock Exchange crude oil price

US Secretary of Energy Perry said on Tuesday that the United States wants to help other countries in the world increase energy production. On the other hand, the important export terminal of the Libyan National Petroleum Company is again controlled by arm

By Crude oil trend

International crude oil market trend chart

From this point of view, even if a list of exemptions is given, the amount of exemption is like a joke. No country will obediently implement the unreasonable US oil ban. Although the EU has not received an exemption, it has already been decided to help Ir

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