Crude oil trend

By Crude oil trend

Ban us crude oil

my country is currently the world’s largest crude oil importer. In addition to increasing crude oil prices, downstream industries will bear the pressure of huge cost increases. my country will also generate as much as RMB 0 billion due to the increase in

By Crude oil trend

Crude oil price today

On the supply side, the International Energy Agency has increased its crude oil production growth forecast for non-OPEC member countries in 208 by 2 million barrels per day, and it is expected that the production growth rate in 209 will be 700,000 barrels

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The largest international crude oil producer

Saudi Arabia and Russia plan to terminate the Zian production restriction agreement and increase the crude oil output of OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries by 0 million barrels a day. Affected by this news, on the last trading day of last week, int

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New York Mercantile Exchange Crude Oil Price

The main reason for the plunge in oil prices this time is the market’s concerns about OPEC’s production increase, because the United States has stated that it will impose sanctions on Iran’s nuclear Venezuela, which will create a huge crude oil supply g…

By Crude oil trend

Crude oil trading plan

U.S. API crude oil inventories decreased by 850,000 barrels more than expected. Todays oil prices soared by nearly 2%. Analysts believe that this is due to Trumps announcement of withdrawing from the Iran agreement and the overall decline in U.S. API inve

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