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West Texas crude oil trend chart

In addition, OPEC stated in its latest monthly report that monthly crude oil inventories in developed economies worldwide have fallen to around 9 million barrels from the 5-year average, and there is a gap of 400 million barrels from the 5-year average in

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Thomson Reuters crude oil spot

Earlier, Rouhani stated strongly that if the United States continues to pressure all countries to stop buying Iranian oil, Iran will disrupt the oil transportation of neighboring countries. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Suleymanisha praised Rouhan

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U.S. crude oil inventories do not include strategic oil reserves

As Alphali said to Russias Alexander Novak, seeking long-term stability in oil prices does not exist. At the same time, it is recommended that they switch from using outdated oil inventory data to expectations for future oil industry investment plans that

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Crude oil price cnbc

Focusing on EIA during the day, Platts Energy said that as of the week of August 24, it is expected that the U.S. EIA crude oil inventory will decrease by 0 million barrels, the U.S. EIA gasoline inventory is expected to decrease by 60,000 barrels, and th

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US crude oil inventory survey

It is worth noting that this latest inflation report will be released before the Fed’s decision is announced, which may have an impact on the Fed’s tone. Analysts pointed out that any signs of acceleration in inflation may boost the dollar, otherwise it …

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