Brent Crude Oil Market

Brent Crude Oil Market
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Brent Crude Oil Market

After the release of the shuttle bus on Monday morning, the market gave 35.4 short opportunities at 11:15, and dropped to 34.34 at 13:45. Of course, this wave of market is dissatisfied, 34.4 is the support, so the empty ordBrent Crude Oil Marketers of 35.4 need to be out before reaching the support.

6. Conclusion: during the weekend's OPEC + informal negotiations, there are still internal

It is reported that in the first three quarters of this year, in the context of the impact

if you have found that summer is really coming. Step by step, the weather is getting hotter

or a six-month extension is unlikely. "No differences have been reached," one source said.

Crude oil yesterday continued low narrow range shock repair, the highest rebound touched 40.2, the first line fell down, the whole day hour line Yin and Yang oscillation cycle fell back to 39.2 level, supporting the trend of stabilizing shock, and gold almost overlapped. The stabilizing 39 level was still subject to the 40.6 regional resistance operation, and the daily K line was reported with shock cross K, the overall amplitude was small, and the operability was not good For the daily line, the three tracks of brin belt are running downward, the Ma5 moving average is turning downward, the K line is crossing between the middle and lower rails of Brin, tBrent Crude Oil Markethe MACD fast and slow line is gradually moving to the right, the red kinetic energy is weak, and the KDJ line 3 is a golden fork,

downward process, the possibility of further downward test of the $19.0 level in the future

the epidemic; Russia may agree to extend the existing agreement to the first quarter of next