international crude oil market

By international crude oil market

When will crude oil rise

Although the monthly report cited data from second-hand sources, Iran’s oil supply in August fell by 50,000 barrels/day to about 500,000 barrels/day compared with July, but Iran’s own report showed that Iran’s oil production was stable and that the outp…

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PetroChina crude oil prices

In the summer of 208, Iran’s daily export of crude oil peaked at 2.7 million barrels, equivalent to% of the world’s daily crude oil consumption. There is also news that Saudi Arabia, the worlds largest crude oil exporter, has quietly prepared to increase…

By international crude oil market

Buchan crude oil spot price

Statistics show that domestic car sales this year are not ideal. From 208 to October, car sales were only 2.28 million, a decrease of 0.% from the same period last year. The decline in car sales indicates that the domestic desire to buy cars is not strong

By international crude oil market

Global crude oil prices

From January to April 208, US crude oil exports to the United States reached 10,000 barrels per day, while exports in February surpassed Canada. However, as the Sino-US trade disputes intensify or seek other sources of crude oil imports, this may increase

By international crude oil market

U.S. crude oil export policy: background and considerations

Affected by this news, the U.S. dollar has fallen by more than 2% since it hit a high for more than a year on August 5. U.S. President Trump previously accused the Fed of raising interest rates while the U.S. government is trying to stimulate the economy,

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