international crude oil market

By international crude oil market

U.S. crude oil storage capacity utilization

The chairman of CNOOC said: The company has achieved fruitful results in the first half of the year. The company will continue to strengthen its confidence and make solid progress to ensure the successful completion of the main production and operation in

By international crude oil market

Graphic of U.S. crude oil exports to China

According to the Venezuelan Constitution, Maduros term of office will end on 0, 209, and the presidential election should have been held in February this year. On the 2nd, Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly discussed and passed a resolution to hold presiden

By international crude oil market

Analysis of Crude Oil in Permian Basin

On Tuesday, June 4, during the Asia-Europe period, international oil prices fluctuated and fell. Investors ignored the signs of tightening oil supply, and focused on global economic growth concerns and overnight stock market declines. At the same time, th

By international crude oil market

Crude oil price market

In Dickers five-year oil transaction, the oil market is the market with the most optimistic fundamentals. Regarding the recent underperformance of oil prices, he can only find one compelling reason, that is, the threat of a trade war triggered by Trump.To

By international crude oil market

Crude oil market analysis

On 0, 208, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed called on the international community to impose tougher sanctions on the Iranian capital of Tehran. At the same time, due to the potential threat posed by the implementation of the nuclear program and Iran’s military

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