international crude oil market

By international crude oil market

U.S. imports crude oil from Australia

Blame OPEC. Earlier, Trump issued a tweet that OPEC, the monopoly organization, must pay attention to the fact that gasoline prices are still rising, and they are not doing enough at present. The United States is defending their members, but they have all

By international crude oil market

Trend of Light Sweet Crude Oil

Trumps introduction of the agreement this time may be, for himself, merely eliminating Obamas legacy policies, but for the Middle East, this behavior of the United States is undoubtedly pressing the button of the chaotic situation in the Middle East. Well

By international crude oil market

Crude oil contract opening price

The closely watched Feds monthly resolution kicked off as scheduled. The Fed kept interest rates unchanged as the market expected, but the decision was less hawkish than market expectations. After the announcement of the resolution, the U.S. dollar fell s

By international crude oil market

U.S. crude oil production has declined since 1970

In 1997, Saudi Arabia joined the ranks of Arab countries and imposed an embargo on Western powers’ support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. This triggered the first oil crisis. The price of crude oil has risen from less than US$3 per barrel in 1997 to ne

By international crude oil market

International crude oil prices today

At the same time, Venezuelas oil production continued to decline, and Maduro was re-elected as president this week, prompting the United States to impose new sanctions on it. Venezuela is mired in a devastating economic crisis that hinders the country’s a

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